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           Qingdao(Old name: Tsingdao, Chinese name: 青岛), in Chinese, means roughly "Green island".  "Qing" means the color of green, blue, that represent "the color of life" in Chinese culture. "Dao" means island. Qingdao is one of China's major cities.

"Unlike most of China, Qingdao has little pollution, it does however become clouded in eerie mist for hours at a time" - quoted from http://www.flickr.com/photos/65622818@N05/5980465832/.

Located on the east cost of China that about the mid point between Beijing and Shanghai, Qingdao is know as the bear city, sailing city and also a fog city (seasonal fog city, actually, from May to July only).

Qingdao is well known as a very beautiful coastal city and a holiday resort in China and around the world.

           The city of Qingdao has seven urban districts and five county level cities under its jurisdiction with an area of 10,645 square kilometers and a population of more than 8 million (city area 1,103 square kilometers, updated 2008). Qingdao is the largest industrial city in Shandong Province of China, known as the window of Shandong ("Shan" in Chinese means Mountain, "Dong", in Chinese, means East, together, "Shandong" (山东) means east of the mountain, or Mount. Taihang, which is not very far away to the west of the province).

          The The climate of Qingdao is mild. The annual average temperature is 12.2oC or about 54F. The highest and lowest temperature ever recorded in the passed century are 38.9oC(102oF) and  -17oC (+1oF) respectively. In winter it can be quite windy. Althouth it rarely snow (rain, but not often) in the populated areas of the city, in higher areas of Mount. Lao, deep snow of 1 to 3 feet and cold windy weather is not unusual and could be dangerous if not well prepared: a solder died because of the deep snow and cold weather a few years ago.

           Before troops were garrisoned there by the imperial court of Qing dynasty in 1891, Qingdao had been a small fishing village. It became a German concession in 1897 and was occupied by Japan in 1914. The city reverted to Chinese rule in 1922, but was occupied by Japan again during the Second World War.
          Today Qingdao is one of the most important open coastal cities and one of the independent cities with state planning and budgeting powers in China. It has provincial power in economic management. Its major industries include electronics, trade, light industry, tourism and oceanography research.

          The uniqueness of the city consists in its architecture and an attractive landscape. With its wealth of natural and human resources, its year-round schedule of tourist festivals and events, coupled with many tourist facilities and an extensive transportation network, Qingdao has become and ideal tourist destination both at home and abroad. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic, Qingdao will hold the sailing games , the only event hold outside of Beijing that will award Olympic gold medal. The friendly Qingdao people are looking forward to welcoming you!

City Tree: Cedar  City Flower: winter camellia, chinese rose

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